Cristina Persico
Esta montaña
I learned the Sefardi’s songs with Dina Rot. It was in Madrid, in 1978, when we were getting through our exile and I was taking my first singing lessons with her.
As I was connecting with each song I became aware of its long path during time -for centuries- anonymous, in the hands specially of woman, telling simple stories of normal people, with sensibility, grace and harmony… Those songs which came from far away by word of mouth, keeping the emotions and identities despite the anguish or even including them, were a fix to me, a lesson of wisdom, a cure for my immediate wounds… a cause made by ancient voices… There are not barriers of time, nor of origin, or blood. This songs are for me the type of songs that lull you to sleep in the crib and walks with you in the new life you got to live. I always tell them and sing them gratefully and add myself up to that print coming from so long ago.
Thanks PRETAL and thanks Guillermo Zarba for re-editing this work in order to return to circulate like seventeen years ago.