Cristina Persico
Simmo `e Napule! Paisa
When I met Diego Vila I though I found the person with the right nobleness, the sensibility and the art to propose to do a show with the canzonettas. I was not wrong.
I propose him to dive into that neapolitan sea and pull out her jewels.
That music moves the heavens and the lands carried by your soul. They are love songs, about the joy of life, the intensity of the landscape.
One day I brought Diego the voice of my Nonna Giustina (her son had recorded it on a Geloso of open tape in 1957)... she sang capella while she kneaded, you might even hear the hit of the dough on the marble and a background of little birds crowding around the tree of the corner of the south neighbourhood, full of tango, where she lived.
At the following rehearsal Diego pressed play, the vibrant voice of my nonna emerged and he followed it with his piano… Giusti, wherever you are, that afternoon was glorious non e vero?? (“am I right??”)
The colour of the cello arised to complete the texture of the canzonettas, that is how Carlos Diener joined, right, delicate, sublime…
This trio was like a meeting of brothers that joyfully played every time that the show NAPOLI started… we played in Classic and Modern for a month and ended up doing five seasons and an album.